a Simple Reality of Motherhood

So, I’m not sure where to being this epic blog I believed I’d need to be writing in order to ‘blog.’ Never figured the general internet public much cared what I’d been thinking – so I decided I’d just start with the simple reality of my life:

My son peed in the dog bowl today.


He grinned..

Oh how he GRINNED, ear to ear even as I stared in utter disbelief and marched him directly to time out.

The day before that, or a couple days before –  they blur together a lot of times these days – I watched him discover the wonders of force and trajectory, of course, as both relate to peeing.  Again, grinning ear to ear – and giggling I think.

I read something a while back about how moms of boys just need to come to terms with the constant presence of pee. Everywhere.  All the time. Whoever said that has most certainly spent time with a newly potty (yard) trained two-year old boy.

But, as much as I’m tired of cleaning up pee (e.g. – discovering the cloth shower curtain was ‘the smell’ in the bathroom) it brings me to what I love most about being a parent, about my children:


Even if it’s discovering that you can shoot pee four feet into the air, it was a fun discovery to witness all the same.

It’s all about discovery.

So, it is to that I dedicate this blog: to the discovery of me.  Of me as a mother, as a wife, as a photographer.  Of me as a business owner and boo boo kisser and everything in between.

I hope you enjoy discovering with me.



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