Why do you have to do that?

Because, sweetie.

But, why – why do you have to do it that way?

Because that’s how it works, buddy.


Mom! Why?

MOM why?!

Welcome to the last 15 minutes of my day, and in fact, the last several weeks of my life.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  Just documenting it because that’s what I do: I document life, by photographs, by words.  I never boiled it down like that before but, truly, that is my calling in the world. Documentation.

That said, I wonder now as I reflect on the conversations with my tiny boy – why don’t I say why more often?  Why have I stopped questioning the inner workings of the world so much?  Not even just that I don’t say it aloud, I find I don’t often think it. Instead, I skip straight to -because it is.



I’ve grown up into a habitual adult who just goes about my time, my day, my life the way I always have or recently usually do with only subtle changes that aren’t very noticeable.

The question and the challenge I laid for myself about 6 months ago is why haven’t I gone after what I want, what I really want, and what I’ve always really wanted??  It’s ludicrous really to allow myself to have stayed in a place in my life where I am not finding the fulfillment I am looking for.  So every day I hope to challenge myself to a “why” conversation in my own head.  Why do I do this?  Because.  I want to.

want to take beautiful pictures every day.

want to capture moments, and smiles, and instances of love and affection and happiness and even sadness.

want to see a smile on a person’s face as they see these moments I’ve recorded for them.

I want to live every day with purpose and passion and gratitude for this life I’ve created myself.

Cheers – and good luck in your own “why” journey.


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