It’s the Small Things

I was cleaning my home today, thinking – ‘wow, I sure am glad this place isn’t any bigger, how much harder it would be to clean.’

And the funny thing is, I realize I’m glad it’s not bigger for many reasons.  The smaller areas to clean are a big plus. But, the biggest one is:  it keeps my family close to one another.  In our 1,700 square feet of the world, I have sight-lines into almost every room in the house from one place.  I can throw children’s toys from the downstairs into their room almost without even looking anymore.   I walk into a room and I have about a 2/5 chance one of my babies will be there and I’ll be greeted with an ‘I love you mom.’


I see everyone I love, often.


There are no ‘wings’ or large nooks where a person can hide away.  We have our own personal spaces for sure, and time of course – but, we can’t possibly stay away from one another for a terribly long time.  Secretly, and now I suppose not-so-secretly I have no desire for a larger home for this reason.  I’m sure over the years that will change, as children grow and we all need a bit more of our own space.  But, for now I’m very content with it.
Home truly is where your heart is and here, my heart is happy




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