In De-Fence of Warm Weather


To say it’s been unseasonably warm here in Colorado for the past couple weeks would be a vast understatement.   I know we set a record the other day around 76 – that’s insane. It’s February when I, as a native, am quite used to being buried in snow drifts this time of year and that’s just fine with me too.   (Boo me if you must, but when there’s a chance I could strap my board to my feet and slide with increasing velocity somewhere…. I’m all about it.)

Aside from this weather clearly confusing my immune system and some bees my daughter enthusiastically spotted the other day, it has been quite beautiful.  Not quite the beauty of the greatly extended fall colors we had this past year, but beautiful in its own right.

The first perk of this weather, which is ironic because the weather also caused the problem I’m about to tell you about, is a long stretch of nice days for my husband and I to re-build our backyard fence – which blew over in the incredible winds we had recently.  We took on this monumental task simple because of numbers. It’s expensive to re-fence a yard our size.  It’s REALLY expensive to have someone do it for you.  So, being of capable bodies and perhaps insane minds, we have faced it head on.  Needless to say, it’s much better to try and drill 33  3-foot deep holes when it’s sunny than when it’s snowing.  But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a foot of frozen earth to punch through.  There is.  And it took me and my husband both sitting on a towable ‘one-man’ auger to get the job done. But it’s done.   The fence itself, it’s getting there and it’s getting there thanks to a little window I think Mother Nature knew I needed.

Second perk, very simply, is the chance to do some beautiful family photos outside.   This one, at one of my all-time favorite spots, Red Rocks.   I first met the Kleiner family a couple years ago when I decided to enter a session into a silent auction for another client and now friend who was struggling with infertility.  That friend, now has a beautiful one-year old daughter, who will be the subject of a soon-to-come entry here.  The Kleiners purchased that session and I had a great time working with them and their son, and I got to do it again with both sons now just recently.  What beautiful little boys they have.  So wonderful to get the chance to make them look as handsome as they are with my camera.  They make it pretty easy!  Check it out.  And thanks so much for reading!




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